Werewolves (and real wolves) on the set of True Blood

The werewolves are coming! The werewolves are coming! Coming to True Blood in Season 3, that is.

Bill Compton True Blood Season 2 Promo Art
Season 2 Promo Art of Bill Compton of True Blood

Stephen Moyer, better known as the vampire Bill Compton, let some clues slip to MTV about what to expect in Season 3 of the hit series True Blood. The werewolves are not much of a surprise, especially to readers of Charlaine Harris‘ Southern Vampire series, but the wolves…now that’s news.

Werewolves are no strangers to readers. They put in a cameo appearance, as passengers in the car that delivers a disheveled Sookie back to her hotel in Living Dead in Dallas, the second book in the series. Those scenes didn’t make it into the second season of True Blood, so this will be viewers first encounter with them. In the books, the werewolves are both good guys, like Alcide Hevreaux, and bad guys, like the biker gang who harass and even try to kidnap Sookie. From the sounds of things, werewolves will also play a prominent role, and at least one good guy (Alcide), in the upcoming season of True Blood.

The wolves, however, were a little harder to track down. A quick re-read of Club Dead, yields lots of werewolves, but very few wolves. The most notable appearance of a wolf in the third book is a departure…when a wolf (presumably Alcide in wolf form but that isn’t stated) licks an injured Sookie Stackhouse then flees Club Dead. This makes the presence of wolves on the set something of a puzzle. It’s reasonable to infer that the True Blood werewolves aren’t staying in their human form as often as they do in print. That’s an interesting departure form the books, probably as much for the cast and crew as for readers.

Still, as excited as he seems about the upcoming True Blood season, Moyer isn’t giving much away. [Watch the video of the interview here.]

“I’ve had to work with wolves,” Moyer tells the MTV interviewer in his delicious accent (NOT Southern, BTW). “I like werewolves. I love that aspect of the show. It’s going to be amazing this year.”

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