WorldsLastHero Productions upcoming films include ghost hunters, werewolves

Independent production company, WorldsLastHero Productions has a full slate of films on the way. Two of them, Opious, which recently began filming, and Wulf, which is in pre-production, will feature preternatural themes.

Opious stars Jeremiah Sayys and Paolo Cruz as ghost hunters, who, along with their ghost hunting team go searching for the journal of a demonic cult leader.  Of course, some unseen evil is released when they actually manage to find it.

Wulf, as one might guess from imagine from the name, is a werewolf film. Set in Alaska, it’s the tale of a mechanic bitten by a beast straight out of folklore. He battles his own inner monster while coming to terms with his tragic past. Sayys will write, direct, produce and star in Wulf.

WorldsLastHero Productions is the independent film production company of Jeremiah Sayys and Sheila Ryan. In addition to the preternatural films mentioned above, WorldsLastHero has four other projects in various stages of production. DeadLands Cry, a drama/horror/thriller film and the dark comedy Smoke Jokers are both in pre-production. The sci-fi fantasy film Legends of Nethiah and Of Silence, a psychological thriller, are both in post-production and expected to be released at the end of the year.

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