Have a ghostly good time in Savannah, Georgia, USA

When it comes to preternatural travel most of us think Transylvania or New Orleans, Louisiana (thanks to Anne Rice and Charlaine Harris) or maybe the Seattle area (thanks to Stephanie Meyer). We don’t think of Savannah, Georgia. Maybe we should. Savannah has a reputation as one of the most haunted cities in the U.S.

Savannah Cemetery

According to TripAdvisor, Savannah is one of the top ten destinations for vacations with just the guys (or MAN-cations, as they call them). At least part of that honor stems from a historical haunted pub crawl. Fortunately for the ladies and children, it’s not just the pubs that haunted in a city founded in 1733. Several of the local cemeteries, including the Colonial Park Cemetery where many Revolutionary War patriots are interred, are centuries old, as well.

The city itself is an example of early urban planning which some have speculated has mystical connotations. There have been rumors that Savannah was created according to Masonic principles and guidelines. Various historians have pointed to a similarity to the Bible’s description of Solomon’s Temple and noted the Savannah was built on ground sacred to Native Americans. The area may even have been a burial ground for the Creek and/or Choctaw tribes living in the area before the arrival of Europeans. African and Caribbean tribal customs also thrive in Savannah, a legacy of the slave trade.

The ghostly experiences don’t have to end when visitors return to their hotel either. Visitors can choose to lodge with the spirits at the Olde Harbor Inn, the Kehoe House or several historic spots that have developed quite the haunted reputation over the years. The Olde Harbor Inn, by the way, is home to a spirit called Hank who is one of the most often seen (and smelled – he likes to smoke cigars) ghosts in the city.

To learn more about the history and haunts of Savannah, Georgia, visit the Convention and Visitors Bureau at www.savannahvisit.com.

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