National Leprechaun Museum opens in Dublin, Ireland

The leprechaun is an Irish fairy, so it’s fitting that on the eve of St. Patrick’s Day, the world’s only National Leprechaun Museum has opened in Dublin, Ireland.

Time reports that the new $6.8 million facility will include many facets from Irish folklore, but sadly no actual leprechauns. There will, however be real gold.

“Gold will represent the gold,” the museum’s founder Tom O’Rahilly told Time during a media preview tour. “We’re going to have a quarter million euros of real gold. Who’s going to come to a museum to see a pile of gold-painted pebbles? And, anyway, leprechauns don’t deal in anything else.”

Since Ireland, like most of the rest of the world is suffering from an economic slowdown, the presence of so much real gold might be an invitation to trouble. Then again, perhaps such an ostentatious offering to the traditional benefactors of the country will encourage them to use their magic to help pull Ireland out of the economic doldrums.

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