The Primordials: Radio drama for the 21st Century

Louisiana is home to a lot of preternatural beings and not all of them are lily white. In fact, The Primordials, a wonderful radio drama in the tradition of the great radio dramas of bygone eras, tells the tale of black immortals in post-Katrina New Orleans.

The Primordials are a pantheon of gods inspired by the African Yoruba culture. The radio drama  is performed as a series of “books” chronicling the adventures of Shango, Ogun and Oya as they battle against angry gods, corrupt politicians, scorned voodoo queens, fanatical terrorists and, of course vampires, in the Big Easy as the city slowly resurrects itself from Katrina’s devastation. Each “book” consists of four chapters. Each chapter is approximately 15 minutes long. Currently, four books are available for download:

  1. Who Are the Primordials?
  2. Moon Over Bourbon Street
  3. The Fall of the Yoruba
  4. The Rosetta Triangle

Created by Reginald Nelson and Neil Lewis, The Primordials uses modern technology to introduce a new preternatural face to busy multi-taskers. Download an action-packed chapter and experience this fascinating addition to Louisiana’s preternatural universe tonight at

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