Campus Outcasts are educated Others

The University of Minnesota is a haven for the preternatural. They even hide in plain sight, disguised as the Campus Outcasts, a student organization for those who feel they are social rejects in campus life, That is, it’s a haven until a dangerous vampire from off-campus targets one of the students.

Campus Outcasts by Kyrstin Underbakke tells that tale of vampires, Campus Outcasts Book Coverwerewolves, walkers, ogres and other preternatural and mythical creatures who attend the University of Minnesota along with human students. Everything is going along just fine until Liam, a descendant of fire elves, wood elves, leprechauns, trolls, ghouls and vampires arrives on campus, then bumps into Jamison Diego, a vampire from another coven. Attracted by Liam’s mixed blood heritage, Diego becomes obsessed with Liam.

It isn’t long before Diego threatens everything the Campus Outcasts have built. The core group – the walker Todd; Merlin, the leader of a vampire coven; werewolf Alpha Addison; the gremlin Ellie; Helen, the resident sea-nymph and the ogre Darryl – are certainly capable of defending themselves from Diego’s threat. The same cannot be said for Liam, who is only just discovering and mastering his preternatural nature.

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