Movie tickets by mobile phone

This is a good news bad news item.

The good news is that Fandango, the leading destination for moviegoers in the U.S. is unveiling “Mobile Ticket”. This new service will allow film fans to get movie tickets sent as barcodes to their mobile phones eliminating the wait at box offices or ticket kiosks.

“We’ve already seen success in the mobile space with our variety of apps for the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Palm and others,” said Rick Butler, Fandango COO. “We know that Mobile ticket will be one more Fandango Convenience that moviegoers will enjoy. Our cell phones are with us all the time so what better way to ensure you have your movie ticket?”

The bad news is that Fandango is giving moviegoers yet another reason to bring their cell phones into theaters. Want to bet how many of them will forget to set the ring tone to silent/vibrate or take a call/text during the film?

Fortunately, while Mobile Ticket works with most mobile carriers and does not require a smart phone, it is only being introduced at select theaters in the Reading Cinemas circuit. The “lucky” cinemas include:

  • New Jersey’s Manville 12 Plex
  • Houston’s Angelika Film Center
  • Dallas’ Angelika Dallas
  • Plano’s Angelika Plano
  • Bakersfield’s Valley Plaza 16
  • Sonoma County’s Rohnert Park 16
  • San Diego’s La Mesa Grossmont Center and Clairemont Town Square Stadium
  • Hawaii’s Ward Stadium, Kahala Theater, Kapolei 16 and Mililani Stadium
  • New York’s City Cinemas 1, 2 & 3, Angelika Film Center, East 86th Street Cinemas, Village East Cinema, Beekman Theatre and the Paris Theatre.

Fandango sells tickets to more than 16,000 screens across the U.S.. Only about 100 are participating in the initial launch of the Mobile Ticket services. Fandango is a unit of Comcast Interactive Media. To find out more about the Mobile Ticket program, visit or

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