The Devil’s Gravestone goes international

The Devil’s Gravestone, a new preternatural (ok, a vampire) flick is getting some buzz after the recent release of a tantalizing trailer and compelling art. The film will be hitting the international film festival circuit in 2010 with help from Wonderphil Productions.

The Devil’s Gravestone brings together a mix of rising and established talents. Dick (who as actor Joe Nemmers has appeared in such films as Temple Grandin, Bad Lieutenant and Port of Call New Orleans) and Doc (who as actor Grant James can be seen in Tombstone and UHF) join Jaq (who plays model turning actor Elle LaMont off-screen) and Cale (who plays actor Niko Red Star) in what Sanders Robinson, Co-President and Head of Acquisitions for Wonderphil Productions calls “The best vampire flick I have ever seen for such a modest budget.”

The modest budget may, in fact, be responsible for the gritty look and feel of The Devil’s Gravestone. A soundtrack including five songs by A Cosmic Slut Production, one of the best kept secrets among Goths and other preternatural communities, lends plenty of dark atmosphere and attitude. Director Jay Mackenzie Roach pulls it all together in a way that has horror fans talking, at least based on what they have seen so far.

“This is what indie filmmaking is all about – good story, good cast, talented filmmaker,” said Wonderphil Productions President Phil Gom, announcing “We’re taking Gravestone to Cannes in April to let the world witness its birth.”

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