Why the preternatural is good for you

“Paying attention to one’s intuition, divine signs and other metaphysical phenomena is essential to solving lif’e’s problems and obtaining true happiness,” asserts Dr. Catherine P. Perry, M.Ed., DD.

In her new book, Courageous Wake, Perry validates people who fear being labeled “crazy” in relation to their spiritual experiences. Perry chronicles her own experiences with God, angels and spirits in a powerful testimony to the value of linking spiritual beliefs (in her case, God) with self-development and healing.

Dr Catherine P Perry Speaking
Dr. Catherine P. Perry

God, and to a lesser extent, religion, is the 800-pound gorilla in many preternatural universes and communities. Some, like the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series by Laurell K. Hamilton and the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyers, deal with the topic directly. Others ignore it completely or deal with it only obliquely. This is not to say that God and the preternatural are mutually exclusive any more than they are mutually compatible. They can, and do, co-exist. The challenge for any preternatural community is figuring out how.

“Across time people have flirted with the idea of superheroes, of individuals who defy the physical limits of being human and of human death,” Perry explains. “To defy death is to be immortal, whether one is a superhero or a vampire.”

Of course, those whose communities include vampires or werewolves or shape-shifters or ghosts are more likely to find themselves labeled “evil” than those whose communities include superheros. The truth is that whether one is “evil” or “good” has less to do with when one is awake and more to do with one’s actions. Or, as author Mercedes Lackey puts it: “Evil done in the name of good is still evil.” The reverse is true as well.

Preternatural universes often take the debate between good and evil a step further, delving into existential questions such as “what does it mean for me to exist?” or, conversely, “what does it mean for me not to exist?” They allow readers, viewers and participants to try on many different lives, like clothes in a store, before they decide on one they like. They also provide an escape from the mundane. Exploration and escape are not bad things. They are steps along the path to real freedom and the ability to express oneself on our own terms, not society’s.

“Everyone and everything is spiritual, even vampires,” said Perry. “We can’t not be spiritual. Making choices about what to believe in doesn’t change that.”

Courageous Wake Cover
Courageous Wake by Catherine P. Perry

Dr. Catherine P. Perry, M.Ed., DD, is an intuitive, spiritual healer, life coach and author of Courageous Wake. A natural change agent, she combines her inner wisdom, sense of humor and energy to help people rise to their full potential. Discover more about Dr. Perry or order her book at www.courageouswake.com.

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