Revelation released: Champions Online(TM) world expands

“Revelation represents some of the best work to date on Champions,” Bill Roper, Executive Producer of Cryptic Studios claims. “The expansion features an epic storyline filled with noble heroes and terrifying villains, set in gorgeous new environments the will surely engage and entice players.”

Revelation is the first full-fledged expansion for Champions Online(TM), since it launched in September 2009.  Unleashed last week by Atari, Inc. and renowned MMO developer Cryptic Studios, Revelation to venture into the new zone Vibora Bay. This sultry southern city rests above the hiding place of the exiled angel, Therakiel. who refused to side with either Heaven or Hell during Lucifer’s first rebellion. For centuries his magic has drawn witches, wizards sorcerers and other to the city. Now it has drawn Robert Caliburn, the one man upon whom the epic conflict of Revelations hinges.

Other key features of Revelation include:

  • Brand new content for Levels 37 to 40 let’s players experience the endgame in all new ways as friends become enemies and Vibora Bay falls under Therakiel’s influence.
  • Six brand new Tier 4 Meta-Powers.
  • The most challenging Champions Online Lair yet – Therakiel’s Temple!
  • New costume sets and pieces.
  • Battle five new factions – the Sovereign Sons, Trey Kings, New Shadows, Dogz and Nephilim.
  • More than 30 new perks and dozens of ways to achieve in Champions Online.

Champions Online is based on the award-winning Champions role-playing game from HERO Games. Powered by the groundbreaking Cryptic Engine, Champions Online taps into a rich universe of heroes and villains with unparalleled intrigue and adventure taking MMORPGs to new heights.

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