New Erotic E-series kicks off with A Vampire’s Kiss

“Sara Gadsden is a Wiccan Green Witch addicted to paranormal romance novels and their gorgeous vampire heroes. Like most people, she has no idea vampires actually exist until she meets Dray Manigault at a Samhain party,” explains author Laura Stamps. “Dray is not only one of Columbia’s wealthiest businessmen, but  he’s also been a vampire for the last 145 years. Oh, and he’s totally yummy.”

Sound interesting? Based on the first chapter, which is available for free at, it is.

A Vampire’s Kiss is a hot new paranormal e-series from award-winning erotica novelist Laura Stamps. Rather than making readers wait months between books, Stamps and publisher Kittyfeather Press have chosen to publish her latest work as a monthly e-series.

“I love this new serial format,” Stamps said. “I was searching for a way to give my readers addicted to vampire erotica novels a sexy ‘fix’ every month. When Kittyfeather Press offered me the chance to publish these novels as a serial, I jumped on it. Since its release readers have told me this serial format is the perfect solution when they only have ten or fifteen minutes to read during their hectic day.”

Each month, a new issue will be released containing at least three chapters of the first novel in Stamps’ new series “The Manigault Vampires”. A Vampire’s Kiss is the first novel of the series which is a spin-off of Stamps’ popular “Witchery Series”. Many of the witches and pagans readers have already fallen in love with in that trilogy. Each month’s issue costs $1.99 and is available online from

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