Not enjoying sex? Blame stress!

Diving into the Twitter stream, surfing the web or looking at almost any media dealing with popular culture is almost enough to make a person believe Americans have finally unwound enough to enjoy sex. We haven’t. And, according to a new online survey from Adam & Eve, stress is the main reason Americans aren’t enjoying sex as much as they’d like.

Nearly half (46 percent) of those responding to Adam & Eve’s latest “Great American Sex Survey” indicated that “stress” was the number one reason nothing is happening in the bedroom. Other sexy mood killers included kids (30 percent), boredom with routine (25.8 percent) and health problems (22 percent).

The good news (at least for almost 1 out of ever five respondents) is that 17 percent of Americans surveyed reported they always fully enjoy sexual activity.

“Of course Americans are stressed,” said Chad Davis, Marketing Director for Adam & Eve. “But studies show a healthy sex life can alleviate a great deal of tension.”

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