Evidence of fight found at local BT business

Authorities reported a disturbance overnight at the GrabbItQwik in Bon Temps. At sunrise signs that a struggle or a fight took place in the parking lot remained.

Unofficial reports indicate the fight was between Dave Conway, a local businessman and owner of the GrabbItQwik and Roman Lucious, a sometimes bartender at Fangtasia, a popular vampire and tourist bar in Shreveport. Rumors of the fight had been swirling for days around both Bon Temps and Shreveport. Around noon yesterday odds were favoring Lucious. Numerous notable members of the community, living and undead, are said to have wagered and witnessed the event.

Despite having strong support from local residents and even the owner of Fangtasia, Conway won only a single round of the three round fight, ultimately being defeated by Luscious. No deaths or final deaths have been reported.

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