Horror movies become mainstream

It wasn’t that long ago that fans of horror movies and preternatural films had to rely of word-of-mouth or deciphering the opinions of mainstream movie critics when it came to locating the best of those genres. That isn’t the case anymore. Horror, it seems, has become mainstream.

This year’s Academy Awards ceremony dedicated a segment to horror. Legendary horror and preternatural films are being restored and re-premiered to the public at film festivals like TCM’s Classic Film Festival later this month. Websites like best-horror-movies.com, one of the top two websites of its kind, are getting more than one million hits a month.

“As a horror fan myself, I was always disheartened by what I call the ‘horror intelligentsia’ – mainstream reviewers and film academics that pick on horror,” admits Don Sumner, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of best-horro-movies.com. “Rather than regurgitate their point of view on the genre, I wanted to create a content-driven web site where horror enthusiasts could read about what other horror enthusiasts thought, and eventually interact with each other via blogs, forums and chat rooms.”

Four years ago, Sumner wouldn’t have predicted that best-horror-movies.com would be generating a record amount of traffic, earning him a place as USA TOday’s “expert on horror movie locales” Today, the site based on a few lists of movie titles, some questions and lots of reader reviews has accumulated the largest database of most asked-about horror films known.

Then again, few among the ‘horror intelligentsia’ would have predicted that preternatural films based on books about wizards and vampires would turn into global events. Just goes to show the power of the preternatural to fascinate, captivate and inspire.

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