Bloody good soundtrack turns 30

Those trendy fang-fans like to think they originated the idea of vampire soundtracks. Long before Lestat took his shot at rockstardom or a song played on a television screen could launch a career, creatures of the night were revealing themselves in music. Amazingly, one must-have song for any vampire playlist has been around for 30 years.

That’s right British Steel, the breakthrough album for Judas Priest that includes the track Living after Midnight, was released in April 1980. British Steel went on to become the band’s first platinum Top 40 album in the U.S. and their first Top 10 studio album in the U.K.

To celebrate this momentous landmark and one of the most influential albums in heavy metal history, Columbia/Legacy is issuing two unique box sets. Both will be available 11 May, 2010. British Steel: 30th Anniversary Edition will be available through standard retail and digital outlets. The British Steel: 30th Anniversary Special Edition box set will be available exclusively through

Both box sets include a remastered CD of the original 36-minute , nine-song album (plus two bonus tracks) and a DVD combining a live concert (filmed in 2009) with a “Making of British Steel” interview with the the four original members of Judas Priest. The British Steel: 30th Anniversary Special Edition also contains a CD of the live audio from the DVD.

In an effort to make the 2009 tour reminiscent of the original British Steel debut, Judas Priest resurrected a contest to give away a Harley-Davidson motorcycle autographed by the band. The concert, which began with Rapid Fire the opening track on British Steel and included the other eight songs from the album, featured songs from throughout the band’s evolution just another heavy metal act to one of the most recognizable and influential bands and progenitors of metal’s defining sound.

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