New calendar for summer

Would you like to start this year over?  By summer, the shine has worn off under pressure from missed opportunities, unfulfilled resolutions and the wear-and-tear of everyday life. Fortunately for those wanting a fresh start, a local bar may be  launching their calendar halfway through it.

The new calendar is the second in the line produced by Fang!. Unlike the initial effort which included images of a variety of individuals, the latest effort will focus on just one.

“It’s just entirely of me,” owner @EricNorthman_  revealed.

The establishment opened not long after vampires went public with their existence. The bar attracts a mixed clientele of vampires and humans. And yes, the name was a conscious pun on Northman’s part.

Asked when the new calendar could become available, the Preternatural Post was told:

“I believe May will be the month where I bare it all for everyone to see.”

It’s going to be a very hot summer. What will your mid-year resolutions be?

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