Vampire Tarot – The Emperor (IV)

The Emperor or Liege is the 4th card in the Major Arcana. He is the lawgiver and the ultimate authority. He is also, in many ways the pinnacle of male power.

IV The Liege
The Emperor/Liege (IV)

Among vampires, The Emperor also tends to be ego-maniacal ancient autocrats who believe they are always right because none dear to challenge them (mostly because those who do end up finally dead). They are extremely violent and have great disdain for any world or existence but their own. They seek little besides attaining and maintaining their power.

It is easy to confuse The Emperor with a Maker and in some cases they may be the same. The direct relationship a vampire has with their Maker however, is not always, or even often, the relationship a vampire has with their Liege. Vampires are bound to their Liege be oaths, though they may be blood oaths making loyalty an open question in both directions.

It is difficult to say whether all vampires aspire to become Emperors. Certainly, all try to be within the confines of their own domains, however small and empty. Power among vampires is as much a matter of age as anything else, simply because one must be crafty and smart and very lucky in order to survive long enough to even consider becoming a Liege.

In theory, The Emperor could be a benevolent ruler. They usually don’t stay in power long. A Liege judged to be harsh but fair is probably the best that can be hoped for. Most are far, far worse…and don’t even know it