Details of Fangtasia fire emerge

The investigation into the fire that recently ravaged vampire-owned tourist bar Fangtasia is plodding along at slower-than-human speeds. There seems to be little question that the fire was deliberately set. Who set it and why remains a mystery, at least to the general public. Answers have not been forthcoming.

Fire @BarWithABite
Local Bar goes up in flames

Not surprisingly, non-vampire arson investigators report a lack of cooperation from the club’s owners or management. Some theorize this is because humans, particularly those in the anti-vampire minority or the radical elements of the Fellowship of the Sun may be responsible for the fire. No evidence of a hate crime has been revealed. The American Vampire League (AVL) has not commented on the possibility.

@BarWithABite Fire
At least 1 person was inside during the fire

It has been learned that @SheriffNorthman, one of the owners of @BarWithABite was inside at the time of the blaze. As this photo, sent anonymously to the Preternatural Post, reveals, he was still inside while the fire raged. Northman had no comment on why he did not escape the burning building or how he survived the inferno which engulfed it. He confirmed the fire was deliberately set but not by him and refused to speculate on causes or culprits.
Aftermath @BarWithABite
A look at what remained after the fire

Rumors of supernatural conspiracy theories are widespread, given the silence of human and vampire officials. The vampire community is no doubt conducting their own investigation into the fire. Whether they will turn the arsonists over to the (human) authorities or handle matters internally remains to be seen. With the Vampire Rights Act still being debated in Congress, it is unlikely any action will be taken without the sanction of both vampire and human authorities.

Hevereaux & Sons is overseeing the rebuilding project implying the local Weres played no part in the fire.

No date for the reopening has been announced.

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