Killer Sun

There is a killer among us.

Accused Murderer still at large
According to international (human) authorities, vampire Sun Blood (now @SevsSunshine), drained the 14-year-old daughter of Italy’s Minister of Defense. No trial, human or vampire, has been held, leaving many questions unanswered. Some believe Sun is innocent. Authorities, however, seem confident of her guilt and are seeking the alleged murderess, who escaped from Italian custody late last year. No trial date has been set.

The accused recently sat down with reporters from the Preternatural Post to tell her side of the story. It goes something like this:

One night, Sun, who was vacationing in Italy at the time, went out to a club. Hardly an unusual thing for a tourist to do although she didn’t select a club known for catering to tourists. On this particular night, Sun chose to go to an underground club. The kind of illicit affair that caters to the needs and desires of vampires and their devotees. Such clubs have sprung up wherever vampires hold even a minimal place in society. It was there she would encounter her victim.

Sun claims the girl was sent into the club specifically to entice her by someone who knew exactly what she would find irresistible. The girl’s ID said she was old enough to be there. Her scent, apparently told a different story, one Sun found compelling but didn’t bother to read fully.
Instead, after a brief flirtation the two left the club together, heading for the secluded villa Sun was using as a daytime retreat.

Alleged vampire victim

The two, presumably, did what two people do after they leave a club together. This is presumed action because Sun says she can’t recall everything that happened.

She remembers drinking from the girl. But claims she didn’t take enough to kill her. Nonetheless, the human was dead when authorities burst in and found them.

It was only later, after friends and connections, some in very high places, helped her escape that Sun discovered who the real murderer was. Unfortunately, it seems their testimony is unavailable to help clear her name.

That’s Sun’s story and she’s sticking to it.

What really happened in that villa in Rome may never be known. There are problems with both version’s of events. Sun’s tale of passing out and amnesia is far-fetched for a vampire since no known chemicals would affect her. The official version also has problems, notably how the underage daughter of a prominent official could get into an underground vampire club and who tipped them of to the situation. Without definitive proof, Sun is likely to be hunted for the rest of her existence, which in itself may be justice for the loss of a human life…eventually.

Anyone with information regarding the crime is encouraged to contact Italian authorities (human or vampire).