The Joys of Entertainment

Why do I dance at my club? *smirks as I gesture down my perfectly sculpted body. Knowing your eyes are lingering as you follow my hand and admire me* You know why. Look at me. I am doing the world a service by allowing it the privilege to see something so perfect. *nods with a serious look on my face* I know. I am often mistaken for being an Angel. But I’m not. I am Fae.

*waits as you chuckle over the irony of me being male, gay and a real life Fairy*

Seriously, your jokes are unamusing. Just because I have the better sense to stay away from *cringes* girly parts, doesn’t make me any less of a man or the ultimate specimen of perfection. Because trust me, I am all man and all perfection. *smirks*

I think I will end this blog on that note. I don’t want to give away all my wonderful qualities in the first trait. *hearty laugh* As if anyone could ever truly tire or bore from just admiring how gorgeous I am. Til next time.

Sexy Fairy Out!


Written by Claude Crane