To Love the Doodle

It has come to my attention that many of you are unaware of just what greatness is in your presence. I am a perfect specimen of the male gender. In fact, I am so wonderful that there are days when I just get lost in my own reflection. *sighs lovingly and blows his reflection a kiss, mouthing “I love you” and winking*

Anyways… that is neither here nor there. Today’s topic is *drum roll* My Doodle! *smiles proudly* Few have been lucky enough to experience my doodle. But several have been graced with it’s magnificence weekly at Hooligan’s. So here are a few things you should know about my lovely doodle:

To Love the Doodle - News Bite To Love the Doodle - News Bite


  1. Yes, it is real. *smirks* No plastic surgery or medicinal stimulates needed.
  2. You should admire it. Worship it even. It’s gorgeous and many have died just trying to get to touch it.
  3. NO VAGGIES ALLOWED. My doodle is only for use with those who have doodles… especially the beautiful tall, blonde Viking *sighs dreamily*
  4. EVERYONE should have a mold, statue, replica of my doodle.
  5. The replica of my doodle can have many uses! So be original and see how many different ways you can enjoy it!
  6. Love my doodle! I love my doodle, several times a day…

I’m sure I can come up with some much needed knowledge about my doodle to share with you guys. But for now… There you go!

To Love the Doodle - News Bite

Written by Claude Crane