German True Blood, Lost in Translation

Since most of you are Americans or from a land/state/planet that speaks mostly English, I thought it would be nice to inform you, how much we
Germans f***** up the dubbing of True Blood.

First of all, there are NO accents in the German version! Which makes the whole thing really plain, mostly when you saw all three seasons in English.
Now to the voices:

  • Eric´s German voice is also the voice of Dean from “Supernatural” and he sounds whiny (or as we say “Gay-Underwear-Model” no offense!!!)
  • Lafayette’s German voice is Turk from “Scrubs” nothing more to say to this, right?
  • Tara is still kick ass but in a very soft way. She hardly use the word “F***” or any other rated word like she does in english.
  • Arlene sounds like a MILF from a trashy porn-movie (I will not answer who got me that quote)
  • Godric has the voice of a 38 year old man, while Eric sounds like a little boy. I guess the producers from the dubbing company got a bit confused while choosing the speakers.
  • Jessica sounds like a trashy brat (that is around 45 years old) …and who´s drunk.
  • Sookie, Jason, Bill, Russel and the rest are quite ok, but nothing compared to the original.

Sadly, most of the stuff was translated 1:1, so it sounds out of line and makes hardly any sense and/or sounds old fashion, but not in a good way.

is translated “Bürgerlich” which means civil. Ok, civil isn´t such a bad word, but sounds very weird in that context.

got the best German name ever “Unke” To translate this word the easy way would be “toad” but the word Unke is mostly used in old fairy-tales for a really fat-bad-ass-toad. So it’s NOT cool. For the word “V” they used the German version of the letter V. Which sounds wrong for using it as a drug name, cause the sound of the letter is also the German word for peacock.

The AVL (American Vampire League) is almost correct. Mostly we use the word league for football (soccer for all you Americans out there). Also NOT COOL!

Sadly we don´t have the Sookeh and Behl thing in Germany, something I really really miss.

Fun facts:

Russel CAN´T speak German. He´s mumbling something weird and it took me several minutes to find out what the hell that guy was yelling at Sookie.

For everyone who still does not know what he said in the Season Three Finale, here´s the translation: “I warn you, I´m gonna rip your heart out you stupid b****.”

Also a little thing that made me laugh was when I read an interview with Kristin Bauer van Straten about her role as Pam. Here the part:

“After every Swedish take, I look at him, and he sort of nods. Once, he went and saw the footage. I said, “How was I? Was my Swedish good?” He said, “No. You sound like a Russian prostitute.” Of course, the comeback line was, “How would you know?” but I thought of it months later. In fact, I think someone else thought of it. But after every take, I go, “Russian prostitute? Or am I near the border of Sweden?”

After hearing Eric speaking German, I have to stay “Russian prostitute yourself, Mister” that scene cracked me up and is still the most quoted scene in our household ever since.

Let’s wait for Season Four and what my fellow German co-workers will do to make me laugh again.

Written by Ilka Richards