Facebook Bans RP Characters

Facebook has declared war on roleplay characters. Today, Many popular profiles, including those belonging to @BarmaidSookie, @erikleifnorthman, @SookieSC, @TB_PamR, @JStackhouseTB, @VampireSookieSC, @VampHadley and many more creative people found their profiles on Facebook disabled. Many more accounts are likely to be disabled in coming days.

The move was not entirely unexpected. Rumors that Facebook would ban “fake” accounts, that is to say accounts not associated with a legal name or organization, have been circulating for some time. No official warning or notice was given to the owners of these RP accounts. They were simply disabled.

It is interesting to note that the majority of disabled accounts appear to have been accounts having 1500 friends or more. Some had be active for as long as 2 years without any incident. The implication being that Facebook hopes this move will go unnoticed and unreported. Obviously, they do not know role players very well. Numerous smaller role play and even real life (RL) profiles are already being deleted by individuals angered by Facebook’s move against RP characters.

“They said it was because I was a fake acct and that because it’s fake, it could lead to abuse and that they were a ‘real world networking service'” said @VampHadley “Is it because I’m a vampire? Someone needs to call the AVL!”

Role players appear to be the primary targets of the ban and there are hundreds, if not thousands of RPers on Facebook for the company to go after. The question should be asked, however, what comes next? Actors, authors, musicians and anyone else creating under a pseudonym or stage name are also potentially at risk, especially if they have a “personal” FB profile under their real name and another for interacting with their fans. This is a huge disservice to performers/artists/creatives and their fans. One wonders what Facebook was thinking.

Do you have a FB profile? Was it disabled? Will you be deleting it? Share your thoughts and experiences with the Preternatural Post as we continue to cover this breaking news story.

UPDATE: In the Summer of 2011, Google launched Goggle+. Many thought Google+ might be a potential new home for RPers. Sadly, it seems we were wrong…