The Blue Fruitloop

The results are in! *drum roll* My newest blue fruitloop is:

The Blue Fruitloop - News Bite

Check out her awesome application:

My Submission to be the Blue FruitLoop

If I am granted the honor of being called, “Blue FruitLoop,” I promise to always:

  • Honor @FaeClaude’s doodle above all other doodles.
  • Always be ready for a shopping trip, no matter the hour/weather/day/apocolypse

The Blue Fruitloop - News Bite

  • Admit that my girly parts are icky (even if others love them)
  • Be fabulous every second of every day
  • Be a full supporter of #fairycest
  • Defend him against nasty girly parts.

The Blue Fruitloop - News Bite

And if I should break any of the above rules, I accept my dick-slap to the face with a smile.
Dick. That is all.

Hugs, Kisses, and Molten Lava,

For those who also showed interest, do not be discouraged! I have plans for you as my newest Fruitloops. More details tomorrow!

Your Favorite Sexy Fae,


Written by Claude Crane