The Search for the Blue Fruit Loop!

That is correct! You favorite gay fairy is searching for a blue fruit loop to join the ranks! To become a fruit loop, you must follow these simple rules:

  1. Admire my perfection, though you should already do that
  2. Admire and worship my doodle. NO TOUCHING! Vag is not allowed near the doodle!
  3. You MUST be a female. No such thing as a male fruit loop. *licks lips* Though I have other plans for those sexy men who are interested in getting to know me. *winks*
  4. Fruit loops are required to love shopping, just not more than they love me and my doodle.

Sound simple enough to you? DM me @FaeClaude and maybe you could be the next Blue Fruitloop!

The Search for the Blue Fruit Loop! - News Bite

*All Fruitloops are given a statue of my doodle to worship*

Written by Claude Crane