The Next Fruitloop

The Next Fruitloop Flavors - News Bite

The Next Fruitloop Flavors - News Bite
Yesterday I announce the newest member to my Fruitloop ranks, @DemonXDiantha. She wasn’t the only one that showed interest in the position. Being the humanitarian I am, I have decided to accept the other two applicants as well.

The issue with this logic, is we have filled all the allotted colors. So my solution is to allow more flavored fruitloops. As many of you know, we have a Blood Fruit. Now comes the dilema of deciding which flavors… Of course, the easiest way to do this would be to ask them which flavor they want. But since when have I been easy. *chuckles* That was rhetorical.

Off to the right you see your choices. You may chose two flavors and next Friday, before the Once Bitten Winter Ball, I will announce my newest fruitloops! Check out tomorrow’s column for a juicy insight to my devious sister, @FaeClaudine_‘s mind. Let’s just see how long it really will take her to “make her way up”.


Written by Claude Crane