Envy is Sweet

So as payback for stealing my diary, I decided to steal Claudine’s. Most of her stuff was boring, but I found yesterday’s entry to be extremely intriguing. Check it out for yourself:

First of all, Claudine was NEVER the favorite. *smirks* I always was. The ONLY thing Claudine ever had going for her was she was “The Good One”. Claudette was always the devious and bitchy one. I was always the favorite. As for the being triplets… HELLO… I’m a boy! It means I came from another egg/sperm combo. Seriously, maybe my jealous sister needs a biology course.

I seriously need to check and see if Claudine’s complexion is green. The further down I read, the more I feel the urge to roll my eyes. Over and over again. I can’t believe she would ever imply I have thunder thighs! That’s low, even for her! And “wah, wah, wah” about the boyfriends… We have BOTH gone after each other’s men. *sighs* Perhaps she is just PMSing… Maybe I’ll ask Kayley where she bought Grandmother’s Emergency PMS Kit…

Anyways…. As I promised, Claudine isn’t as sweet and innocent as she seems. Stayed tune for tomorrow’s daily dose of my doodle!


Written by Claude Crane