Words of Wisdom from Eric’s Ass (Vol. One)

“WARNING: I’m an ass. In every sense of the word. Consider yourself warned.”
“Just because any asshole can get a cell phone doesn’t mean they should be allowed to use it in public.””*Warning: Objects in my Twitter Avi box may indeed be sexier than they appear*””*into the mirror* You’re good enough, smart enough, and gosh darn it… people like you. *flexes*”

“Assholes need to be ignored because they will only shit on you. *vampire asses excluded*”

“There is a magical thing here on twitter… it’s called an ASSHOLE… who wants to fill mine? *wiggles*”

“All of your asses can call people.. you just catch them and think it was an ‘accidental’ butt dial. *Wiggles* Denial…..”

“Crack is Whack.”

“Dananananananana Assballs!”

“*prefers a nice tossed salad to anything cooked with Pam* no offense Pams”

“Take it from me my darling. I am not the only, nor the biggest a**hole on twitter…*whispers* they’re everywhere!”

“*Caution* Touching the ass may cause burn or spontaneous orgasm.”