Today’s column hits close to home! Today, I am going to discuss balls. Now, before all your Vaggies get your panties in a wad. I wasn’t referring to testicles. I was merely referring to the many types of balls that exist in this world.

Where to start? Sports balls?

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So we have soccer balls, footballs (though they aren’t actually spherical) tennis balls, basketballs, baseballs and golf balls. That’s just to name a few. On top of many of the physical balls you can play with in sports, how about the name of some of the sports. Basketball, Kickball, Baseball and even Football.

What about things that balls are made of? There are wood balls, glass balls, porcelain balls, in my case Steel balls *waggles brows*, cake balls, gum balls..I could go on all night.

Balls - News BiteBalls - News BiteBalls - News BiteBalls - News BiteBalls - News BiteBalls - News BiteBalls - News Bite

What is the actual point of all this? This is a demonstration to all you Vaggies out there. Because you may thing Vag rules the world… but in reality the world we live in is one big ole’ ball circling an even bigger ball of fire. So who is ruling this world? *two thumbs pointed towards his chest* This guy, right here… and my balls of steel.

Balls - News BiteBalls - News BiteBalls - News Bite

Claude Crane
Balls - News Bite

Written by Claude Crane