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Sometimes I have to wonder…just who am I talking to? Oh, I know what the bios say. But the way some people flop back and forth between this world and the mundane world called “real life” is annoying. If we wanted to be the “real” people we are, we wouldn’t be here, or pissed off at Facebook for disabling our accounts.

So why do so people insist on bringing the humdrum mundane lives on to RP Twitter? 

It’s a question I don’t really have answer to.

Certainly some events transcend both worlds –deaths, marriages, births, relocations, graduations, health, even new toys (like cell phones, computers or cars) — impact RP characters as well as “real” people. How can they not? But do we really need to dwell on them? 

Location also plays a role. We can’t all live in Shreveport or New Orleans, let alone Bon Temps, all the time. They would be over-run with dopplegangers in minutes! Besides, if you’ve noticed how difficult it is to set up meetings or determine when the sun goes down on Twitter, you know these communities, as well as Dallas, Monroe, New York, etc. span multiple time zones. Therefore some “locale news”, be it shootings in Tucson, snow storms in Oklahoma or a comic con in St. Louis, are going to creep in. 

So are details of our day/night and personal opinions. These of course, are a little easier to disguise. Or they should be.

The sad fact is, some people don’t even try to disguise them. They rip away the veil of willing suspension disbelief we all wear on Twitter and expose themselves like some drunken lech flashing their shortcomings to the world. I don’t know about you, but I don’t need, or want, to see that very often. 

So please, stop forcing your reality on others. 

If you have to discuss your life beyond Twitter, don’t do it publicly. Take it offline. Don’t think confining it to mentions (@) or parenthetical comments is ok. Take it offline. Use DMs or IMs or email or non-RP Twitter identities or personal blogs. Call or write, I don’t care. Just keep it out of my stream.

When I am online and tweeting, I am Pam. Period. That’s who I want to be. That’s all I want to be. Most people, even those I think of and who call me friend, will never know me as anyone else. That is the way I want it. Please respect that and keep your personal life just that: personal. I do.

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