Missing magick in Bon Temps

Bon Temps is not the same magical place it used to be. It isn’t just the arrival of new people and businesses that are changing the small town feel. Witches and Wiccans are disappearing.

Neighboring Monroe and even Shreveport are experiencing similar declines in their supernatural communities.

“I haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary. So many people are sick this time of year, I’m sure that’s all it is,” says Bon Temps resident @WitchyHannah. “It would be terrible if there were people missing. I hope everyone comes back soon.”

Traditionally, witches are among the most overlooked members of the preternatural community. They blend in with the “normals” even better than shifters. Thanks to the popularity of the New Age and its myriad of belief systems and gurus, many supes and paranormals discount them, thinking they are little more than girls in black eye-shadow and peasant dresses. This is not an accurate picture. Wiccans are also our spouses, children and friends. They are co-workers, neighbors and business owners.

The police are unaware of what’s happening. Few official reports have been filed and none say definitively “missing witch”. Most concern property left untenanted and businesses, such as Connections bookstore and the tattoo shop operated by @JadeChiara_.  Others like @Witch_Madison, Holly Cleary and Susan Braun, have been absent from jobs, classes or usual hangouts without much, if any explanation, but no official missing person reports have been filed.

“The SPD has no knowledge of any hate crime or organized effort against any preternatural group,” police spokeswoman @AnneBradshaw_ said.

The exact nature and timing of the disappearances is unknown. A few may have occurred around the holidays while others have been more recent. Many local witches, including @AmeliaxBroadway, owner of @HocusPocusMagic, report experiencing a sense of dread ever since Dracula Night (Feb. 8).

“Seems like its becoming very gloomy and dark lately,” Broadway adds. “Anything could happen.”

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