Denial is More than a River

*sighs* One day I will get this look from him. *sly smirks* Sooner than he is willing to admit. I know he desires me and my doodle. *snorts* As if anyone could refuse me. I mean, look at me. I’m perfect. Perfect abs. My sexiness is so overwhelming, it is outlawed in some states. And my Doodle.. *pats it lovingly* Well, let’s just say I could do some damage with that thing.

So why must he fight it. Fight this attraction that is clearly there between us? *sighs* He wants me… I’m sure of it. His mouth says no, but his eyes are just begging to be dick smacked by my doodle. *looks dreamily and thinks of his mouth. His hand moving to stroke his doodle* Oh I can just imagine how skilled those lips of his are. I’ve seen him use them enough to say no, to imagine them wrapping around my doodle… *smirks*

How much longer can he possibly deny me? When even his parts like me? How could he ever fight this attraction, this sexual tension between us? *sighs* Oh yes, Eric Northman will be mine. He will forget all about those nasty Vaggies that throw themselves at his feet. He will crawl to me and beg for what only I can give him. *grin spreads across his lips* And he will worship my doodle, in every conceivable way…

Mark my words… Eric Northman will be MINE!

Written by Claude Crane