What’s Not to Love?

*sighs, his fingers outlining Eric’s face in the picture*

My big, sexy Viking. Why do you resist me?

*tracing along his lips*

Oh how I can’t wait to feel those lips… wrapped around my doodle.

*sighs and he memorizes every detail*

To feel your stubble against my… *smirks* inner thigh.

*kissing the picture, he moves to hang it on his wall amongst the dozens of other photographs already there*

I have pondered this dilemma I have, over and over again. I don’t understand why he fights so hard to deny the chemistry and desire between us… I am too desirable.

Reasons why Eric Northman should love me:

Claude Crane
  • My face. How could any resist this? My perfect skin, baby blues and lucious lips.
  • My eyes… Look at these baby blues. Can’t you just get lost in these beautiful blue orbs.
  • My lips… These lucious lips of mine have been described as pillows when wrapped around a man’s… doodle *smirks*
Claude Crane
  • My body. *turns around so you can admire it thoroughly* It’s sculpted to perfect. Not an ounce of fat anywhere.
Claude's AssClaude's Ass
  • My ass. *turns around and wiggles it for you* Perfection. This baby has helped me pick up many men.
Claude's Doodle
  • My doodle. My faithful and trusty companion. How could one not love this magnificant piece of work. Yes, he curves a bit to the left. But it’s a curve of pleasure for all who get to experience it. *smirks*

These are only a few of the million reasons why Eric Northman should love me. He can continue this game of cat and mouse. *smirks* But what he doesn’t realize… I’m the cat with the mouse’s tail between his claws.

Written by Claude Crane