Teenage Vampire Angst: A Disaster in the Making

Life as a teenager is never simple. Add a pair of fangs and a blood thirst that is never fully satisfied and you have a recipe for trouble. Certainly the residents of Area Five are discovering this fact with the introduction to newly turned, Jessica Hamby (@SassyJessOB) in their mists.

Several weeks ago, a disturbance in the parking of lot of Fangtasia (@BarFangtasia) was reported. Apparently Jessica was caught feeding from a human by co-owners, Eric Northman (@EricNorthmanSC) and Pam Ravenscroft (@TB_PamR). This is a clear violation of the bar’s rules. This incident wasn’t reported to the Shreveport P.D., which can lead one to ask, how was this incident handled? One can assume, Jessica was left to leave freely and the patron was dealt with. Though later events would suggest otherwise.

The following evening, Eric and Pam were seen escorting Jessica to her Bon Temps residence that she shares with her Maker Bill Compton (@VampireBillC). After a heated conversation, Jessica was seen storming upstairs. One can only wonder if Bill punished his Child for her blunder or if he allowed her to go unpunished. Though once again, later actions can lead one to wonder what her punishment was, since the following night, she ran away to Dallas.

Under the watchful eye of Silent Shore Hotel owner, Godric (@GODRlC), Jessica spent several weeks in Dallas until Bill and his newly reunited flame, Sookie Stackhouse (@TelepathSookieS) attended the Winter Ball. Within days of Jessica’s return to Bon Temps, she was rumored to have met and fallen for local good boy, Hoyt Fortenberry (@HoytSC), only to be sent to stay with Eric’s enforcer Chrissi Asphyxia (@ChrissiAsphyxia).

The constant back and forth these past few weeks has left several questions to come forward.

Will the Vampires ever be able to find a way to deal with the rebellious baby Vamp or will they continue to pass her off?

Is the scent of love in the air for Jessica and Hoyt? Or will she leave him as cold and lifeless as the un-beating heart in her chest?

We will continue to follow Hurricane Jessica as she moves through the ranks of the Vampire World…