Lords and Heroes MMO RPG coming this Spring

“Our idea for this mobile-only game is to create a world full of adventures and mysteries that are never the same,” Sovereign Dynamics LLC CEO Sergei Inyushkin, told the Preternatural Post in a Twitter conversation through @LordsAndHeroes. “We want to create a dream you carry in your pocket.”

The opening scene of Lords and Heroes

The game, titled Lords and Heroes, was officially announced 26 Feb., 2011 although the project is still in development. Described as a unique implementation of the RPG and strategy game genres, this brand new MMO experience from Sovereign Dynamics, an independent Russia-based software company, will be available exclusively on the iOS platform. The title will take full advantage of the capabilities of current the current versions of the iPhone and iPod touch. The current iPad will be getting a special HD version of the title, too. Release is set for Spring 2011.

Lords and Heroes pushes massively multiple online (MMO) mobile gaming to the next level with a variety of  capabilities and features.  Like any good MMO, Lords and Heroes will provide multiple quests with opportunities for characters to hunt treasure, fame and glory.   Players will experience also a lush and highly detailed medieval fantasy world that is fully traversable and full 3D, real-time play mode combat features not commonly seen in iOS platform games.

Players will choose between three factions, the noble Irmoran, the mysterious Westerwald and the brutal Nords. The factions fight ruthlessly for the resources they need to feed and arm their people.  What distinguishes Lords and Heroes from other MMOs is that players are not limited to the faction they choose when creating their characters. In fact, players can choose to leave their faction and pursue their goals elsewhere at any time during play.

The advanced reputation and achievement system utilized in Lords and Heroes also allows players to make their mark on this complex virtual world. PvE (Player v. Environment) players can quest from one side of the world to the other in search of valuable items or solutions to problems besetting their faction. Those preferring PvP (Player v. Player) interactions take to the field of battle against players from other factions as the conflict between them escalates. Players will not be facing this new world all alone, either, no matter which faction or play style they choose. Lords and Heroes enables players to hire militia and a range of servants to help them in their adventures.

Lords and Heroes also boasts a unique crafting system not found in other RPGs for iOS devices. By tweaking the base “recipe” players can create items with their own chosen combination of materials, customizing them to their character and style of play.

Taking advantage of the brilliant sound quality of Apple’s mobile devices, Lords and Heroes will feature and epic instrumental soundtrack. The score, created by Cherniy Kuznets (Black Smith) and including performers from the Saint Petersburg Academic Philharmonic Orchestra. The score is nearing completion but those who can’t wait can find a taste of the Cherniy Kuznets musical style with Russian lyrics online.

From the information obtained so far, this is one MMO that really might put a world in the palm of your hand!

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