Primordials podcast releaunched

A truly wonderful and original podcast series relaunched today with some amazing new artwork. If you haven’t heard of The Primordials and you love the rich tapestry that is the preternatural community in and around New Orleans, you will want to check out this radio drama immediately.


Oya Goddess of Wind and Earthquakes
Oya Goddess of Wind & Earthquakes


The Primordials is an online radio drama created by Reginald Nelson and Neil Lewis (who also voices Shango).  A team of 13 wonderful voice actors and actresses bring the characters to life. The compelling and evocative voices such as Lewis, Julia Pace Mitchell (Oya), Antonio D. Charity (Ogun) and more are reminiscent of the great radio dramas of the past while introducing a whole new audience to this amazingly versatile format.

The new artwork springs off the screen directly into the imagination. One almost wonders if the artist pulled the portraits directly from some collective subconscious of  the actors, creators and audience they seem to match the characters so well.

For those who don’t know, the Primordials are the pantheon of gods and goddesses of the Yoruba culture of West Africa. The drama begins in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina as Shango and Ogun seeking to end 4 centuries of banishment and return to their celestial kingdom in Book 1. Vampires are introduced in Book 2. The battle between religious beliefs pits the Primordials against both Voodoo and the Norse god Thor in Book 3, while the Egyptian god Thoth launches a terrorist agenda in Book 4.

You won’t want to miss an episode of this thrilling tale!