The Real Tooth Fairies revealed

After decades of secrecy, of sneaking into sleeping children’s bedrooms secreting coins beneath their pillows, sometimes in exchange for and sometimes in addition to, the tooth the child had lost earlier that day, the truth is out. One version of it, at least. A version suitable for girls between the ages of 5 and 10.

The Royal Council of the Real Fairyland, LLC is offering this select group of ladies, fairy-tale princesses in-training and even tomboys, a captivating interactive experience in the rich online world of The Real Tooth Fairies. At last mundanes, or Earthies as it appears Real Tooth Fairies call human children, can find answers to their most pressing questions from “Who is the tooth fairy?” to “Where does she live?”. Girls can also take the Royal Quiz and be matched with a Real Tooth Fairy who then become devoted BFFs modeled on the best big sisters in history and around the world.

“Our goal is to connect with girls in a way that has never been done before,” explains Marilyn Bollinger, President and Founder of the Real Tooth Fairies, and the driving force behind the web site. “Girls can go online to Magic Message their Real Tooth Fairy anytime with their latest achievement or news, and the Real Tooth Fairy can deliver a Magic Letter straight to the child’s pillow — personalized to the news in the girls Magic Message.”

Mena Grazie, who went undercover inside the online world, reports that Earthie girls share a variety of fun experiences with their Real Tooth Fairy BFF and the other residents of Real Fairyland. Girls can spend time exploring Real Fairyland, meeting Real Tooth Fairies, making their Real Dream Tree, watching Magic Music videos, dodging the pranks of Stepella (Real Fairyland’s notorious rascal) and browsing through award-winning books and products featuring the Real Tooth Fairies. With an Upgraded VIP membership, girls gain access to secret passageways and virtual shopping so they can decorate a 5-room hotel suite and change the outfits worn by their avatar. Most importantly, girls can bring some of the magic of Real Fairyland into their everyday live through the Every Kindness Counts program.

The Every Kindness counts program encourages girls to do acts of kindness in their daily life. The program includes an incentive program where girls select a Kindness Ticket for a variety of tasks — from helping wash the car to playing a game of their sibling’s choice to helping a friend with homework to calling her grandparents. As she completes the Kindness Tickets, the girl can earn Kindness Award Ribbons and Kindness Charms. She also moves up the various Kindness Levels. There is also a Real Fairyland score board that tracks the Kindness of all participating Earthies and indicates the Earth’s Glow Score for the day, allowing girls to see that every kindness does count.

“It’s tempting to dismiss the Real Tooth Fairies and the Real Fairyland as nothing more than another attempt to blatantly market books and products to young consumers,” Grazie reports. “But at least these girls are learning that they can bring a little bit of magic into the world with their actions and belief. That alone makes the Real Fairyland a worthwhile place for girls and their parents to visit.”

Marilyn Bollinger, president (not queen, that’s Queen Sirona) of the Real Tooth Fairies, is the author of 30 Disney books and has consulted for LeapFrog, Fisher-Price and other top children’s companies. A licensed clinical social worker, she has the background to ensure that the Real Tooth Fairies online experiences are fun and magical while still keeping an eye on education, literacy, promoting kindness and, of course, tooth health.

The Real Tooth fairies world is an online world for girls. A complimentary online world for boys, featuring the Time Travel Elffs, fae action heroes protecting Earth history from the dreaded Gloom shadows, is under development.

The Real Tooth Fairies are represented on Earth by the Royal Council of the Real Fairyland, LLC, an entertainment company dedicated to the production of excellence in programming and interactive media, tied to consumer products that inspire imagination, foster creativity and encourage children to spread kindness and change the world. The Real Tooth Fairies focus on character building through positive role models, the 20 Lost Tooth Virtues and Every Kindness Counts. The site also has a unique Parents Only Zone, filled with ideas and fun for parents of tooth-losing girls. In addition a school kindness program involves students in a 4-week program wherein kids are heroes for kindness in the family, school and community while supporting a global charity.

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