James Franco in 'Your Highness': Best medieval-length hair ever? (via PopWatch)

Hair can make or break a character. It doesn’t always have to adhere to our expectations, however. Alexander Skarsgard is a wonderful Eric Northman. His hair doesn’t conform with the character in the book, but…short is so much better than bad wig. And if we’re talking perfect hair in film, let’s not overlook Adrian Paul in either the Highlander film or the series.

At one end of the hair spectrum you have films like the The Lord of the Rings trilogy. They basically got the hair right for everyone, from elves (Legolas and Elrond, in particular) to hobbits to dwarves to wizards (Christopher Lee look luscious with long hair at any age) to Strider (Viggo Mortensen). At the opposite end of the spectrum is A Knight’s Tale which is more recognizable as “that medieval pastiche with much and rock’n’roll”. Does good hair have anything to do with how good the movie is? Probably not. Then again, great hair never hurt anyone….

James Franco in 'Your Highness': Best medieval-length hair ever? Looking at the new character posters for Your Highness, I was struck most by how surprisingly hot James Franco's hair looks at that length. It's the perfect volume: More than he had in Pineapple Express, less than he had in Tristan + Isolde. Well done. I'd need to see the film before making such a bold statement as this, but I'm thinking this could be the best medieval-length hair in cinema history. Or perhaps it's just a tie between Franco and V … Read More

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