On Saturday, Watch out for Surreal 'Supermoon' (via NewsFeed)

The Full Crust, Crow or Sap Moon of 2011 is indeed going to be a special one. It’s going to appear brighter and bigger than any full moon in the last 2 decades. The preternatural implications are equally significant.

Shifters of all kinds will be out in force. Even Alphas who normally don’t have to shift with the Full Moon, will find this one difficult to resist. Younger shifters, even those who may not otherwise experience a full shift for a month or two, may also find themselves succumbing to Luna’s siren call Saturday.

Among witches this is a wonderful Moon to Draw Down. Use the extra energy to shore up long term projects, complete a life’s work spell or just send healing energy to Japan. It can also be a wonderful time to catch dreams and give them the energy they need to manifest. Just remember to be careful what you ask for. Nuit is listening and she hates being limited. Give her room to shine like the Moon and you will enjoy much better results.

Want to see something amazing this weekend? Just look up at the sky. Observers have dubbed it a "supermoon." On Saturday the moon will be bigger and brighter than it has been for 20 years. As it orbits the earth in an elliptical fashion, one side of the moon (the perigee) will be about 50,000 km closer to the Earth than the other side, known as the apogee. But you'll only note the difference if you spot it when it’s in the horizon, hanging low. A … Read More

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