Supernatural Public Relations (via diariesofadeadgirl)

It is just PR or is it something in the nature of vampires…and humans?

Vampires, shifters and witches are becoming more widely accepted in society, but that doesn’t mean all sections of society welcome them. There is also the fact that the pendulum will eventually swing the other way. It’s already starting to. How will vampires fair when adulation turns to scorn?

Supernatural Public Relations Throughout the years us supernatural beings have been hunted and killed for being different. Werewolves are seen as violent, mindless beings that only live for the hunt. While the wolves do enjoy a good hunt, I can say that they are far from mindless. Werewolves differ from their natural counter-parts in the fact that, while in their animal form, they can still rationalize, think, plot and reason. While vampires and werewolves are natural enemies … Read More

via diariesofadeadgirl