Babies on Board

Springtime has come to Bon Temps! The birds are singing, bees buzzing, the heat and humidity is rising, and the stork is making more deliveries.

News Bite and Once Bitten would like to say congratulations to Aubrey Armani and John Quinn, as well as Diantha Cataliades and Matheus Furlain. Both couples are expecting bundles of joy. Now the big questions on everyone’s mind is… what will these new additions bring into Area Five.

One can wonder what can come from a demon and vampire coupling. Perhaps this is what can be expected:

Frightening thought. Another common question is, what do you get a vampire/demon offspring? Our staff decided to give everyone a little hand and came up with a list of possible gifts:


Demon/Vamp Baby

What do Aubrey and John have to look for? Do weres have litters? One can only wonder if a tail and a bunch of fur can be expected in their near future:


News Bite has also come up with a list of possible baby gifts that might useful when shopping for the upcoming baby shower:


Tiger Cub

How many other stork visits can we expect? Only time will tell… needless to say, Spring is in the air.