Dr. Who goes digital

Dr. Who fans rejoice! One on the BBC’s most successful franchises and longest running sci-fi television series is going digital. At least the critically acclaimed Doctor Who comic book series is.


Digital Dr. Who on iPad
Digital Dr. Who

Doctor Who fans are loyal and passionate and I’m sure they’ll love the fact that they can now get their favorite Time Lord in the 21st Century format,” said Ed Casey, Director of Licensing for BBC Worldwide America, who brokered the deal.


IDW Publishing and BBC Worldwide America announced the global digital launch of the Doctor Who comic book series for Apple iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad and Sony PSP devices. Previously, the Doctor Who books were available only in print in North America. The global digital launch also marks the first time the Doctor Who comic books will be available to international readers.

“We’re excited to bring out Doctor Who comics on the PSP, as it’s a perfect comic for the game audience,” stated Jeff Weber, IDW’s director of ePublishing. “For Apple devices, while all the issues are also available in our IDW Comics app for our regular readers, there are many ravenous Doctor Who fans that may not be familiar with the comics. So we created a stand-alone Doctor Who Comics app that lets us feature the Doctor at the top level of the app store, offering users worldwide a completely focused experience.”


Doctor Who on PSP
Doctor Who on Sony PSP



The Doctor Who digital series included more than 40 issues at press time, including Doctor Who Volume 2 #2 the first or three Ripper’s Curse issues. The Ripper’s Curse pits the newest Doctor, Amy and Rory against the world’s most infamous serial killers, Jack the Ripper in the London of 1888.  In addition to the ongoing series, fans will also find the complete Doctor Who comic book catalog including The Forgotten and Agent Provocateur miniseries, 6 of the Through Time and Space one shots,  6 Classics and  the Doctor Who Annual 2010 in the custom branded apps for the iPhone and iPad. They full catalog is available as individual issues for the PSP. The iPhone and iPad apps are free, however, with two exceptions (Doctor Who: Classics Vol. 1 #1 and Doctor Who: The Forgotten #1) individual issues are not free.

“[I]t’s just awesomely fun to build an app that keeps the look and feel of something that could be part of the TARDIS itself,” Webber adds, referring to the custom branded apps. “It’s just possible that the app might start pulling in comics from the future that haven’t been created yet!”

How cool would that be?

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