Kelsen Part 3 – The Return (via Jai, Fae and vampires oh my)

Jai was restless. The voice mail Myles had left had just made her more on edge with his absence. She knew it made sense and all, and after the Gerard incident and the fights before it she wasn’t wanting to push it. But she hated being alone watching her belly swell seemingly day by day. At 22 weeks she was more than showing now. She’d held off telling people but it was beach ball on Jai’s slight dancer body. In some ways it seemed like so much longer that she had been pregnant. She was just glad that she had not been stricken with terrible morning sickness, though the smell of cooking lamb still set her stomach off. There was just something, she couldn’t stand the smell or the taste anymore.

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via Jai, Fae and Vampires Oh My

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