Are warlocks after Charlie Sheen?

“Just when you think Sheenomena cannot get any more bizarre, we now have warlocks going Harry Potter on Charlie at his tour performance, ” states Shaman Lawyer Vincent Presti.

He’s talking about reports that a Salem, MA based warlock by the name of Christian Day and some of his fellow witches plan to attend Sheen’s tour event in Boston on 12 April, 2011 for the purpose of ridding the actor of “negative spiritual forces”. Apparently some of Sheen’s fans aren’t enthused about that plan and have requested that Shaman Lawyer protect the actor from the “healing” spells.

“This is what [rouge warlock] is planning to do on Charlie Sheen concert in Boston. He is not just nuts…I know what he can do [i]f he does not get his way. I’m a fan of Mr. Sheen,” one email read.

Another simply stated “A nut is after Mr. Sheen.”

Both included links to a news story by Fox News reporting Day’s intentions. Based on Shaman Lawyer website visitor statistics and the email addresses, both appear to have originated in Salem, MA.

Shaman Lawyer, or Self Help Association of Muckrakers Against Neophytes Lawyer, is a leading resource for those seeking enlightenment along life’s journey by helping them to make informed decisions regarding spiritual exercise or travel. Founded in 2006 as an I Wanna Be On® Packaged Personality to help empower individuals to demand commercial standards and practices in the self-help industry.

“This is the type of behavior the SHAMAN Lawyer hopes to eradicate from the self-help, alternative spiritual playing field,” said Shaman Lawyer Vincent. “When rogue warlocks get quoted by mainstream media for casting healing spells and kvetching about spending more for Charlie Sheen tickets than Barbara Streisand seats, it makes on wonder what the forces of the Universe think about current advocacy practices for the spirit and soul.”

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