Charlaine Harris' Interview About Sookieverse (via Paperback Dolls)

Charlaine  dishes about choosing the fictional town of Bon Temps, her suggestions of where to visit in Louisiana and even a little tid bit about the upcoming “Dead Reckoning”. Check out the following excerpt:

Q: Aside from the characters you’ve created, the world is the most amazing and oddly believable – at least for three hundred or so pages – factor in the series. You could have easily made do with any northern Louisiana town, why Bon Temps?

A: Sure, I could have picked a real northern Louisiana town, like Minden or Arcadia , both of which share some credit for Bon Temps. But I needed Bon Temps to work just like all the other characters, and gradually the geography and people of the town took shape in my mind. Paula and I had a lot of fun making a map for the Sookie Companion, out later this year. I discovered I’d made some mistakes when I was giving directions in the books, but in general everything is where I wanted it to be.

Read the entire interview here.