Crime takes a bite out of Bon Temps

Tommy Micken

A chop shop and dog fighting ring has been discovered operating in  Bon Temps. And the alleged criminal mastermind is @TommyBonTemps, the newly discovered brother of local businessman @Sam_ MerlotteBT.

Authorities say they have evidence linking the young many to a string of vehicles reported stolen around Renard Parish. The vehicles had largely been dismantled for parts, however, enough remain and can be identified for a warrant to be issued for Mickens’ arrest.

Mickens was arrested but escaped custody.

Further investigation at Tommy’s Auto Repair, which has only been open a few weeks, also yielded evidence the young man is involved with illegal dog fighting. Authorities are not saying whether any animals, living or dead, were found on the premises making it unlikely that the fights were held within the city limits. Unfortunately, finding paraphernalia associated with dog fighting is sufficient cause for the Bon Temps Police Department to launch an all out man-hunt for the young man many hoped was turning his life around.

Anyone seeing or hearing from Tommy Mickens is asked to contact the Bon Temps Police Department immediately.

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