Supernatural role play awards: The winners are:

The are many types or role-play being performed on Twitter.  Recently the talented folks who bring Supernatural to life in 140 characters or less celebrated an amazing RP year with an awards show.

And the winners are:

Site: Hell on Earth (HOE)

Bromance: @SamW_PTB@DeanW_PTB

Canon Couple: @SamW_PTB@GhostofJessPTB

Non Canon Couple: @Trickster_Gabe@LuciferDSM

Jimmy Novak: @Castiels_Vessel

Story Line: #TeaforOne (HOE)

John Winchester: @Papa_Winchester

Balthazar: @TheBalthazar

Crossroads Demon: @SellYourSoulDSM

Nick: @Devils_Sympathy

Lucifer: @LuciferPTB

Jo Harvelle: @Jharvelle

Michael: @Michael_PTB

Tessa: @Tessa_SPN

Samuel Campbell: @Samuel_C_DSM

Sam Hain: @SamHainDSM

Sam Winchester: @SamW_PTB

Rufus Turner: @GrumpyRT_DSM

Ruby: @Rubyfromhell

Pestilence: @PestilencePTB

Pamela Barnes: @Pamela_B_DSM

Meg Masters: @DemonMegM

Mary Winchester: @MaryWinchestDSM

Male OC: @PrincelyCharms

Lisa Braeden: @lisa__Braeden

Lilith: @DSM_Lilith

Jessica Moore: @GhostofJessPTB

Gabriel: @Trickster_Gabe

Female OC: @isariel

Famine: @FaminePTB

Death: @DeathPTB

Dean Winchester: @Imanaquarius

Crowley: @CrowleyPTB

Chuck Shurly: @AuthorChuck

Castiel: @CastielDSM

Bobby Singer: @GrumpyBS_DSM

Ben Braeden: @Ben_Braden

Bela Talbot: @BelaTalbotDSM

Becky Rosen: @SamLicker81_PTB

Ava Wilson: @DemonicAva_PTB

Anna Milton: @FallenAngelAnna

Adam Milligan: @AMilligan_AAH

Alastair: @AlastairDSM

Congratulations to all nominees and winners! Looking forward to an entertaining 2011!


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