God Modding & Twitter RP

So I’ve been around the block a few times.

Ive been rping for about 8.5 years now, I’ve rp’ed in every medium you can think of. (Yahoo user rooms, Yahelite Forums, Myspace, Hi5, LiveJournal, Sitemodel, Freewebs, and OneWorldRolePlay.)

And now, I’ve found some people that I enjoy doing storylines with here on twitter of all places. Anyone who knows me, knows how I feel about One-liner rp. But this entry isn’t about that. We can talk about that later.

As a matter of fact, with twitlonger, I can find great satisfaction with RPing here. But there is one universal rule that has stuck out no matter where I’ve decided to take my characters.


If the term is lost on you, it’s simply means that it is wrong to make your character into this invincible, unstoppable, unfightable force.

The character I play here is Scarlett. She is a vampire. She has strengths, but she also has weaknesses. She has abilities, but there are ways to get around them. God Moders don’t create their characters this way. God Mode characters usually have several elements that offset one another in hopes of allowing their character to do whatever they please. Some people don’t mind this, Others, like myself, will not tolerate it.

So in order to keep things nice and fun for everyone there are a few rules in regards to God Moding that Id appreciate people reading and respecting.

1. No Automoving my character. – If I am in my house, and you’re not a fairy/witch poofing me to some place with my prior approval. You can’t just make me be somewhere that I am not. Like chained up in your dungeon. (unless of course its a part of a pre-discussed storyline.)

2. No God-Mode fighting my character- If we get into a fight do not go all KAMEHAMEHA! on me and have her get beat to death without allowing me a chance to retaliate. It makes the aggressor look juvenile.

3. No Raping. (I wish I didn’t feel the need to put this one but you would be surprised at the things I’ve seen.)

4. No random Magic- This is a tacky one to have to bring up. But some people’s characters will have powers and are unaffected by others means of getting around them. Scarlett will not take kindly to having her mind read. Or having someone appear at her house or see into her house since only her absolute closest family knows of her real location. I’m not saying you can’t be bad-ass, just set reasonable limitations.

5. If your character is in fact a deity, there has to be a loophole. Otherwise what is the fun in rping if your going to stamp on ants all day?

6. If you want to do something completely twisted it’s always safer to Dm/Yahoo me so that we can discuss the storyline prior. You never know, I may go with it if it’s a good idea.  But if you just stroll about doing all sorts of things that would make a vampire uneasy… Chances are, the vampire is going to become uneasy, then start acting like an edgy vampire.

I’m going to end this before I stop being classy about it. Thanks for reading! Hope to rp with you all soon. That is of course unless you are this invincible creature that shoots lasers out of your ass. If that’s the case then you stay on the other side of twitter. (Just Joking…Not Really)