What the vampire said….

This weekend @MsLorenaBall sat down with the Post to talk about recent events disturbing the peace in Bon Temps.

Although claiming not to have a direct interest in the situation involving @TommyBonTemps, Ms. Ball has been a long-time observer of events in and around Bon Temps, probably because her Child, @TruBloodBill had family connections to the area. Several interesting possibilities were raised during the conversation and at least one, the loss of crucial evidence, has proven true. The Renard Parish Sheriff’s Department faxed the following statement to the Post:

RPSD Evidence Memo
Memo from the RPSD

It appears that @TommyBonTemps is in the clear, at least for now. Several others might be as well, depending on how much evidence was “lost”. The RPPD is not commenting on which, if any, other cases may have been affected or the circumstances surrounding the loss.

How and why a young entrepreneur whose auto repair business was going well enough to have employees would be involved in criminal activities remains an open question even if the cases against Mickens have collapsed. Further, Ms. Ball implies that alleged chop shop and dog fighting activities are just the tip of the criminal iceberg. Further research yielded no collaboration, factual or rumored, of a shifter fight club or forced fighting among shifters occurring in the area.

As it stands, peace has been restored to Bon Temps and two hard-working local businessmen (@TommyBonTemps and @Sam_MerlotteBT) can focus on growing the local economy.


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