Changing A Cheetah's Spots

Local Bon Temps resident, Tara Mae Thornton has reappeared after months of being missing. Upon her return has come a new look and perhaps even a new attitude.

She was spotted Sunday evening in Shreveport’s #1 Vampire bar, Fangtasia. This wasn’t entirely out of character for her. Before her disappearance last December, Tara was seen visiting the new Fangtasia bartender, Charles Twining. Mr. Twining also disappeared in December and has yet to be heard from. One can only wonder if perhaps a sorted love affair was in the works.

Witnesses state that Fangtasia owner, Eric Northman, was seen escorting Ms. Thornton into his office. One can only wonder if perhaps the engagement between Mr. Northman and local telepathic barmaid, Sookie Stackhouse has played a hand in Ms. Thornton’s recent tolerance towards Vampires.

Has Ms. Thornton changed her Vampire hating ways… or is she up to no good? Just where did she disappear to and where is that handsome Vampire she was last involved with? As more details come to light, we will keep you up-to-date.